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An Extravagant Spring

So who is ready for the excuses? It has been nearly three months since I have posted anything to my blog. My free time and mental well-being were compromised when I was sent to Baltimore for nearly two months courtesy … Continue reading

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Long day in shop

Spent the day doing rough work. Splitting, flaming, sanding nodes, pressing nodes. Its not the most exciting part of making a rod but I like it. All these preliminary steps, taking a raw culm to squared and staggered butt and … Continue reading

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I’m filling in for my son this week on the blog. George as my kids call me is not my nickname of choice. They call me that after George Costanza from Seinfeld. They say I’m cheap!  I’m not cheap I … Continue reading

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Born a lucky, and sometimes ramblin’ man…

Shit. So I have had an entire plan for a blog on ferrules. Something technical and real rod making stuff. Well last weekend I got in a bar fight on Saturday night, which left me mentally unable to write about … Continue reading

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One mans rusted junk, another mans treasure…

When you first begin amassing the tools for rod making, all makers have differing opinions on what is essential to completing a serviceable rod. Countless internet sites provide tool lists and contraptions, while published books attempt the same. One tool … Continue reading

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My favorite step in the process. Words coming Sunday.

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UNIBOND is the replacement for the classic URAC 185. Most makers are still working from their own supply of URAC and have yet to experiment with other options. Jim Downes taught us to use URAC, obviously before it was discontinued. … Continue reading

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