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“Say goodbye to your free time”……

That was the most popular sentiment people offered when I would tell them that Heather and I were expecting a baby…..Yes, millions of fans, I have a new baby girl Audrey Claire. She is perfect, and almost 4 months old. … Continue reading

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35: An Ode to Joy

35: An Ode to Joy.

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Bob Marshall Wilderness Pics and short videos.

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Bob Marshall Wilderness Part 2

Day 3 Never in my life have I woken up so sore. It’s like I’ve gone to hockey camp for two weeks, only now I’m 30 years old and overweight. After making sure my body is functioning properly, I realize … Continue reading

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Montana Report: Part 1

It has taken me so long to attempt to tell this story, our Montana story. Every day for the past few months I have fought myself to just sit down and get it out on paper but I could never … Continue reading

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Montana: Part 1

*Decided to break this trip report up, want to cover a lot. No need to rush. I awake to noise coming from our bathroom down the hall. The bedroom light is still off, and outside the sun has yet to … Continue reading

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I have not written anything in months. By a show of hands who gives a flying flock? (Mom-mom put your hand down). No one? Good because all that matters right now is MONTANA!!! In 24 hours the crew and I … Continue reading

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So who is ready for the excuses? It has been nearly three months since I have posted anything to my blog. My free time and mental well-being were compromised when I was sent to Baltimore for nearly two months courtesy … Continue reading

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Long day in shop

Spent the day doing rough work. Splitting, flaming, sanding nodes, pressing nodes. Its not the most exciting part of making a rod but I like it. All these preliminary steps, taking a raw culm to squared and staggered butt and … Continue reading

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I’m filling in for my son this week on the blog. George as my kids call me is not my nickname of choice. They call me that after George Costanza from Seinfeld. They say I’m cheap!  I’m not cheap I … Continue reading

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