The Old Man,Cane and the Hex on Rock Pond

The Old Man. Cane and the Hex hatch on Rock Pond.

I’m an amateur rod maker who has studied the craft and its contributors for over 10 years. My Dad, Doug Sr., has become equally obsessed and will perhaps contribute to this blog frequently. Although, I dont call him Dad, or Father. My brothers and I have been gracious enough to provide him with a full range of nicknames over the years. We use the common ones, “Old Man,” “Pops,” and then they get a little more creative. For example, “Old Spice,” (a play on the Old Spice deodorant commercials) and most commonly, “George,” due to his habits of being so cheap – ala George Costanza.
So George and I consider ourselves amateur bamboo fly rod makers. When not making or fishing bamboo fly rods on long unguided excursions, we’re thinking about it and reading about it.

The ultimate goal: become a professional rod maker. I don’t know how many rods or years that will take. But along the way this blog will document our progress, giving the reader a look into what goes on in our shop and in our lives as we push towards living the dream.

Whats living the dream? Man stuff. Fine rods, knives, trout, spending time outdoors, homemade beers, eating like kings, and the cedar smell inside our shop. Smoke from the fireplace, sounds of a scraping plane across bamboo grain. Walking out of the shop into the cool fall air and staring beyond the motionless farm fields while wiggling a sweet 7ft 4wt. All the while feeling completely content. Living the dream, that’s god damned right.

So drop by every Sunday to read, comment, and hopefully enjoy a look into our rod shop.

Douglas C. DeHart

2 Responses to About

  1. nice job guys-you’re doin good!

  2. Doug, I have two Uniquas. One is 2 7/8; the other a 3 3/8. Items 135 and 164 in my Fall catologue. http://www.jordan-millsrodco.com I’ll PM you as well at the Forum.

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