“Say goodbye to your free time”……

Me and the Princess....In my Flood Tide Apparel T!

Me and the Princess….In my Flood Tide Apparel T!

That was the most popular sentiment people offered when I would tell them that Heather and I were expecting a baby…..Yes, millions of fans, I have a new baby girl Audrey Claire. She is perfect, and almost 4 months old. And all those adults were not kidding when they told me that life as I knew it was sure to change. Fear not as I continue to make bamboo fishing rods and loosely live the life of a trout bum.

So much has happened since my last blog post. Allow this to be my reintroduction, I promise content within the next week. What I cannot promise is that I will pay any attention to quality sentence structure nor grammer.  I just do not have the time to edit whatever bourbon soaked words I type. Frankly I have no care to either, “life is long” but I don’t believe long enough for me to master rod making and the english language. I chose rod making. This blog will move forward as  a fun rod making blurb as told by an aspiring rod maker.  It will probably read best with a drink or two, just a suggestion.

Next week, please join me for the story of how George and I managed to secure and transport over 75 culms of bamboo. Bamboo that we believe to have come from the R.L Winston Shop around 1980.

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