Best Damn Man


From the time my brothers and I began exchanging gifts on Christmas and birthdays my mother has accused me of buying them something that I want. Not nessacarily denying this accusation, but I hope my groomsmen gifts for the wedding didnt reflect this.

So my buddy Nick was awarded the privilege of my best man on the big day. For years Nick has asked me why I don’t bring him fishing. I try and explain to him that I typically don’t catch much and its not the type of fishing we both grew up doing. So for his groomsmen gift along with a bottle of Walker Blue, I hired a guide out of the Feathered Hook for a day.

While driving along Pine Creek, a trib of Penns Nick asked “What does no wa-dd-ing mean?” I couldn’t help but laugh. No Nick, that says no “wading” and its what were gonna be doing in an hour.

At that point I think we both realized we should have went over the whole fly fishing thing in more detail before the trip.

We ended up having an amazing day on Penns Creek and Spring Creek. Our guide Mitch from Outcast Angler was awesome. Of course Nick and I turned the day in to a heated bass master style competition running Mitch up and down the stream. Nick held his own, couldnt believe he managed to smoke a cigar and effectivly nymph a run. Kid suprised me. Despite what Nick says, he did not win competition. Nick and I also got laughing when looking over photos from the day it would appear our guide Mitch, has no legs. He does in fact have legs.

We didn’t fish cane during the day. Despite our guide Mitch having a rod of his own making packed in the truck in case we hit a hatch. That and I don’t ever want to be one of those pushy clients that insists on using a certain fly or a rod. Let the guide do his job. This payed off. I learned a ton from Mitch about nymphing and caught some amazing wild PA trout. Oh and Nick had fun too.

Lately I have only been able to get into the shop once a week. This simply won’t do. Expect more cane rod shop news as the season turns. “If you want something different, do something different.”




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