Low and Clear DVD

Most of the Fly Fishing films coming out now, I’m assuming you have to be high on something to get the full effect of the film. Transcient music, psychedelic screen shots and little storyline. Everyone is trying to do this extreme fish porn-style video that doesn’t really appeal to me. This approach strays from what makes the sport so perfect.  My personal favorite fishing video is on tape: Kurt Gowdy and Lee Wulff fishing for huge brook trout in Labrador. I have watched it a zillion times. Lee Wulff battling these ridiculously huge trout on a short bamboo rod; Gowdy casting cane out the front of a canoe. I love it, unfortunately when I moved in to my own home the VCR didn’t come with me. So I have to downgrade from my DVD player and find one on the cheap.

The trailer for Low and Clear did not look like most of the films being produced in todays fly fishing industry. It appeared to have more of a storyline to it. This, paired with the fact I have not been fishing in months led me to pull the trigger.

It was a good film. Shorter than I expected, and not too much meat to the story. But it was enjoyable to watch, and really has me wanting to try casting for redfish.  The movie shows a great contrast between two guys who have totally different view points on fishing. Definitely recommend this one….with a cold brew. Save  your drugs for next rave.

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