Gordie Howe; The Dog

Gordie Howe

Gordie Howe

Fishing dogs. Magazines, internet message boards and fly shops have housed this heated debate for longer than I’ve been into fly fishing. I can vaguely remember reading a message board post which cited a popular fly fishing magazine sparking some sort of riot when it published a dog streamside alongside its owner on the cover back in the early 90’s. Personally so long as your dog doesn’t come crashing through the pool chasing waterfowl, I’m pet friendly. furthermore; even admire the idea.

Everyone who has met my dog Gordie Howe is in agreement he posses a mental disability. I only paid $100.00, perhaps evidence to support these claims. For certain, Gordie is no fishing dog. He hates the water, and retrieval of any sort, dry or wet. My idea of sitting streamside with mans best friend was short-lived.

As our shop began to take form, he would roam around the basement during the construction. Thus sparking the idea that what he lacked as a fishing dog would be supplemented as a rod shop dog. Again my imagination painted the scene. Calm, loyal, laying in a corner snoring contentedly. All while I plane into the late hours of night.

Once again, dreams remained dreams. First sign of Gordie Howe’s unwillingness to become a rod shop dog came when he chewed about 6 spools of silk wrapping thread. Yet to even build a rod and the dog had me in the red financially.

Being down in the shop presented a physical challenge to Gordie’s rod shop decorum. For some reason the dog insists on walking up steps ass end first. Backwards. Our basement steps down to the shop are to narrow for him to spin and back his way up. He’s realized this, and if my attention is anywhere but on Gordie he squeals like a dying rabbit.

Gordie Howe will not make it as a lazy shop dog. Certainly not a fishing dog. So i have lowered my expectations; making moments like the one below all the more special.

Gordie Howe on the Moose River

Gordie Howe on the Moose River

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2 Responses to Gordie Howe; The Dog

  1. Chuck DeHart says:

    Doug, I wanted to let you know that I showed your Uncle Chuck and Aunt Sue your blog. We really enjoy it. You are very talented in many ways. You take after your grandfather. Best wishes to you and Heather on your upcoming nuptials. Love your cousin Laura Jane DeHart

    • dougd1621 says:

      Thank you so much. Its been difficult trying to teach myself how to write and continue building rods during this whole wedding thing! But glad you guys enjoy it and Ill be posting more this week!


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