Me in full winter classic gear

In light of this phenomenal news, my meat-head brothers and I hit our corner bar to celebrate with what turned out to be way too many beers. Hence, no story this week. George and I did some shop upkeep Saturday, then hit the yard and cast the new (old) F.E Thomas. AMAZING! I have been wiggling it around the house all week, so it was not only therapeutic but a real treat to get out and cast the rod on what turned out to be a mild winter day.


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2 Responses to HOCKEY IS BACK!!!!!

  1. John says:

    Go Pens! Love your blog and indeed you have a few interesting threads, well written I might add,and penned with a flow that is easily understood. I”ll keep reading…..JJZ

    • dougd1621 says:

      Thanks John. My writing is a work in progress, thanks for the positive feedback. And you have also stumbled upon the only guy living in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area who will admit Sidney Crosby to be the games best.

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