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22″ Landlock Salmon. Maine

22″ Salmon. Maine

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  1. Sam says:

    I enjoy your site. You have an open invite to visit up here with me. I am now working with APICDA and I visit Nelson Lagoon, Atka, Cold Bay and other remote fishing camps. Google aleutianadventures.com or apicda.com and you will get a feel for it. Other rather different locations I have been and will be going back to are False Pass and St.George Island in the Pribilofs. Check out the bears in the Aleutians. Unimak and Umnak are Islands worth a vist. If you ever have a brochure or want to sell a rod, our clients are the top end of fishermen. Jim Shockey and Larry Czonka often film these trips and can be seen on television. Keep in touch.
    Your father and I tore it up in our day,
    Sam Cunard

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