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Some things in life are inevitable. Unavoidable, and hence must be accepted and dealt with. As in it was only inevitable for me to continuing writing this blog and  hence my meathead friends eventually finding out. Good lord what a … Continue reading

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We Can Help

In the wake of Friday’s events, no cane talk this week. If anyone has the means to donate to the following link do so. Every little bit helps. And a close friend of mine has also provided the following: … Continue reading

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Makin’ a List, Not Once But Twice

Against my will, the Christmas lights have been hung outside along the gutter, the plastic Santa and Frosty are now illuminated on my front yard each night, and the annual “Flyers guy” dispute has taken place, and continues (see photo … Continue reading

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Explaining myself

In the rodmaking world, at the age of 28 I’d be considered on the young end of the spectrum. Unfortunately, I don’t spend all of my time in this proverbial rodmaking world. On most weekends, at least one night is … Continue reading

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